Frozen seafood mix (especial for paella and fideua)

  • Origin: India
  • Box: 6 kg
  • Glaze: 10%
  • Packaging: 6 bags of 1 kg
Scientific name:Loligo Dauvauceli, Sepia Pharaonis, Penaeus Indicus
Presentation:1 kg bag
Packaging:6 bags of 1 kg
Box:6 kg


Scientific name: Loligo Dauvauceli, Sepia Pharaonis, Penaeus Indicus.

Origin: India.

Tamaño: Surtido.

Packaging: 6 bags of 1 kg.

Glaze: The glaze corresponds to the amount of water contained in the frozen products. This glaze varies depending on the products and the type of freezing. In Torry Harris we prefer transparency and the glaze always adjusts to reality.

Box: The weight of the box of sea prepared is 6 kg.

Palletized:  We always work with a European pallet, which has measures of 80 x 12 x 14.4 cm. When palletizing, we seek to maximize it for transport, reaching 1.90 m in height.