EAt Torry Harris (Torry Harris America Inc. Branch in Spain), we are producers and importers of frozen fish from India. We are an Indo-European company, with premises on both continents. Here at Torry Harris, we purchase the product directly from fishermen in India, directly on the boats themselves, to ensure control of the entire chain. From fishing at the source to delivery at the point of destination in Spain.

Torry Harris is a company with over 25 years of tradition and experience in the production, importation, and distribution of frozen cuttlefish from India. In addition, in recent years, we have specialised in importing other products such as squid, cod and cuttlefish tubes from different sources, such as China, Vietnam or India. Our advantage lies in the experience we have gained at the source and the fact that we maintain an integrated chain with no intermediaries, which allows us to offer quality and stability of products that are far superior to our competitors, since we select only the finest fish and carry out more than 12 checks throughout the entire chain, until the product reaches our customers. By placing your trust in Torry Harris, you will have the peace of mind you need in your day-to-day operations.

Our history

TTorry Harris (Torry Harris America Inc. Branch in Spain) has been operating since 1975, importing and distributing cephalopods and frozen fish all over the world. Its first headquarters were in the United States, established in 1984, and in 1992 it set up premises in Spain. Over the past 40 years, Torry Harris has been awarded the most distinguished accolades for its products. Right from the outset it has had a modern factory in India, which processes and packages its products in accordance with the most stringent safety checks. In addition, by monitoring the entire process from source to final consumer, we can offer the highest quality and stability to your customers, throughout the whole year. All of this has allowed us to secure a great reputation for the good work we have been doing throughout all this time.

Our commitment to your company

Our commitment to our customers lies in conveying the peace of mind that they will always receive products with guaranteed quality and of a similar size throughout the year. The aim is to offer a competitive advantage to facilitate their work and make them more competitive.

Here at Torry Harris, we strive to meet the needs of our customers by offering a superb service and excellent products. We meet their demands effectively and professionally, delivering quick solutions and offering a varied range of the finest quality products. Finally, Torry Harris sets itself apart in terms of its outstanding service and the way we work with customers, suppliers and logistics firms.

Our facilities

Torry Harris has a factory in India, spread over an area of 50,000 m2, which provides work for around 400 people directly and 300 indirectly.

LOur processing plant can process 50 tonnes of product per day. All the raw material acquired on the fishing boats is transported to the factory by our own logistics teams. We also have 2 freezing tunnels, 2 contact freezers and 2 glazing freezers, to ensure fast and effective freezing of products. With regard to the storage, we also have cold storage facilities for up to 650 tonnes. Finally, to ensure the quality of the products, Torry Harris its own analysis laboratories where it carries out exhaustive controls.

Quality of frozen fish

PFor Torry Harris quality and safety are essential.

We have the best products on the market sourced in India, because we are committed to being leaders in quality. This is achieved through our experience and knowledge of how the market operates at the source, which we have acquired over these past 40 years.

We obtain all our raw material directly on the fishing boats in the first few days after it is caught, and it is then transported to the factory by our own logistics teams. In this way we can guarantee the stability of our products in terms of size, glazing or other characteristics, thus offering our customers the certainty that they will receive the best product throughout the year. To ensure safety, our products go through the most rigorous checks and controls throughout our integrated chain: BRC FOOD CERTIFICATE, ISO 22,000:2005 and EIA CERTIFICATE. In addition to having no intermediaries, we carry out our own safety checks that guarantee the highest quality of our products. Finally, packaging plays a major role at Torry Harris. In order to guarantee our products throughout the whole integrated chain, they are packed in highly resistant materials that ensure the highest food quality.


Torry Harris has received several awards from the Marine Products Exports Development Authority (MPEDA), as the largest exporter of cephalopods.


One of the most important elements for the importation and distribution of food is packaging, since it protects all the goods. Torry Harris sets itself apart by offering additional food safety through packaging. All Torry Harris branded products are packed with packing materials that ensure high food quality and in highly resistant boxes.

Each batch of primary packaging material is analysed internally to determine the weight (weight in grams of paper per square metre) and the food category. Because Torry Harris has its own machines to test the tensile strength and weight of corrugated cardboard boxes. And those that pass our strength tests will be used to package our finished products.  One differentiating element is the outer plastic film that is used in most cardboard boxes, which provides additional strength to withstand wear and tear, ensure integrity and prevent moisture loss.